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I am so excited to be featured in this fabulous new book by Doug Gollan! Stories, tips and few of my secrets of selling!.... Get it now! It is on sale now at the link below. I am so excited now and so proud! I just received the book and it's here with me! If you are curious, I joined few pics here as an introduction teaser to see who is with me in this fabulous book from Doug Gollan . Fabergé, Stacy Small from Elite Traveler International and more! No matter where you are, there are Super Rich individuals and families—that is, households with a net worth of at least $30 million. Despite representing 0.000029 of world population, they account for nearly 20% of luxury sales. They are predominantly self-made, grew up without luxury, and as they were getting rich, spent most of their time on their businesses, not buying luxury loafers. Because they don’t fit the stereotype, many luxury marketers are out-of-step about how to develop relation­ships, and how to effectively market and sell to today’s Super Rich. Business superstars Doug Gollan, Michael Calman and Daniel Wade offer advice on how to land and engage with the Super Rich. This book features interviews from ‘sales superstars of luxury,’ star sellers who have been on the front lines of ultra-luxury transactions spanning millions upon millions of dollars. These pros, whose main focus isn’t on focus groups, have extensive experience and direct contact selling to the Super Rich. The ‘sales superstars’ share misperceptions about the Super Rich, and through recounting stories relate how their background, experience, knowledge, and selling secrets have served to create extraordinary marketing opportunities. Their insights will not only surprise you, but better prepare you for becoming a sales superstar yourself!